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3D printing… a thing of beauty

9th April 2015

It’s easy to see why 3D printing gets our pulse racing: the technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we imagine, craft and live.


It’s giving people everywhere, of every age, the power to bring their ideas to life — kids, keen model-makers, home hobbyists and pros. And one of these pros, with a passion for precision, is London-based jewellery designer Jessica Noble.

Intrigued by evolving CAD technology and its potential to enhance the creative process, Jessica spent a year researching 3D printing before adding our UP Plus 3D printer (take a look at the latest version, the UP Plus 2) to her design process. Exploring the creative possibilities of our desktop 3D printers, she went on to exhibit the results at the 2012 and 2013 3D Print Show in London.

With a trained background in fine jewellery techniques as well as new technologies, Jessica has created a studio that smoothly blends innovation and tradition: layering new methods with traditional technique.

Thanks to its great print resolution, the UP Plus lets Jessica print small jewellery models with precise detail — something that’s particularly important in jewellery design. And its compact, sturdy build means it can be used easily in the studio: giving instant results and taking away the need to outsource printing.

Jessica says, “Being able to print my designs directly in my own studio has saved me masses of time and money and has given me vast freedom in my designs. Not only has this little desktop printer given me full control of prototyping and product development, it has inspired an entirely new take on my business…”

Released in 2014, Jessica’s Entropic Collection is a bold display of sleek, swirling turns, striking colour and digital precision. And each piece is crafted individually — using CAD and 3D printing technology. Influenced by the London life, the collection showcases unpredictable, fluid patterns: intriguing, stimulating and provocative. And all carefully crafted to catch the eye with bold movements of colour and shade.

Using the ABS prints to cast directly into precious metals, Jessica creates individual pieces of jewellery in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. Now, Jessica offers her clients bespoke jewellery designs with a speedy turnaround.

Like us, Jessica believes that design should be enjoyed; that 3D printing is a tool to create objects of beauty that captivate people and inspire experimentation. With her work she’s keeping the latest technology front and centre in industry, design and creativity. And we’re proud to give her the tools she needs to be a big part of a dynamic and exciting future ahead.

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