Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing

Print larger, high-resolution prototypes for professional presentations with the UP BOX+, engineered to create exceptional quality, complex models.

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  • How easy is it to set up and is it difficult to use?

    Smart UP Software and automatic levelling means you are up and running fast, while the heated build platform and enclosed chamber ensures minimal curling. It’s designed with professionals in mind, to give hassle-free, exceptional quality prints.

  • What kind of computer do I need?

    The UP BOX+ is compatible with computers running Windows XP, 7 , 8 & 10 and on Mac OS. The easy-to-use UP 3D printing software imports .stl files from most 3D CAD systems.

  • How fast is it and how long does it take to print something?

    The UP BOX+ prints at a speed 30% faster than its smaller sibling the UP Plus 2.

  • What is the resolution of parts printed?

    You can be confident that your models are accurate and precise, printed with layer resolutions of 0.1, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.35 and 0.40mm.

  • How do I maintain it?

    There isn’t a lot of maintenance required at all – just keep the machine clean, in particular the nozzle and perforated board.

  • How often should I replace the printing material?

    It depends on how often you use the machine. Each reel has enough material to print a variety of 3D models, depending on the size and complexity of design.

  • How difficult is the material to replace?

    It’s a very simple process and change over from reel to reel takes just a few minutes.