UP mini 2

The affordable compact 3D printer

The UP mini 2 is lightweight, portable and compact, so it’s ideal for home use. No matter what you love – fashion, home decor or model making – it’s simple to use and ready to go, straight out of the box.

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Go pro with the UP Plus 2

Get rapid, high-resolution prints at home or in the studio.

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UP mini 2 testimonials

Excellent 3D printer

“This 3D printer is really good for my son. It took some calibrating on the first day, but the print results are excellent. This printer will be good for his hobby projects and there’s no mess. Any object can be printed – all you have to think about is the design and you can build it up in stages or print the model as a whole. All you do when printing is finished is peel away the supports to see the finished object.”

Technology for the masses!

“Easy to set up with no experience and creates detailed 3D models. With little to no experience I was able to download 3D print files and print within an hour of opening the box.

Comes with a good set of tools too which are really useful once the model comes out of the printer.”

A fantastic little unit

“Great little machine for the beginner and intermediate 3D printer. Very few issues and a solid finished product. Would recommend to anyone starting out.

Seems like a great little printer for the money. Nicely built, very easy to set up, good driver software. Print quality seems on par with the Makerbot Replicator (at 3x the price). Would recommend for anyone who doesn’t need a huge print area and isn’t in a hurry. Overall I’m happy with the purchase and expect it’ll be a very useful addition to the workshop.

This printer is a fantastic little unit, ready to go from out of the box, its been a blast playing with it. Had a small problem with it to start with, but the support from the manufacturer is top notch and it was quickly fixed. Would definitely recommend it as a starting printer. The print area is rather small, but pieces are able to be glued together via acetone."

Affordable and versatile

“A very affordable and versatile machine with plenty of features. It came with everything we need to get us up and running and producing high quality 3D models.”