UP Plus 2

The new standard in desktop 3D printing

This compact, reliable desktop 3D printer is designed for pros and keen hobbyists and comes with everything you need for rapid, high resolution prints at home or in the studio.

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Bigger and bolder – UP BOX+

Print larger, high-resolution prototypes and models for professional presentations.

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UP mini 2 testimonials

Amazing quality 3D prints

The accuracy and quality of the ABS prints from this Up Plus 2 printer are simply amazing. All the documentation and software are available online as downloads. Everything worked beautifully and I made a couple of stunning first parts. I'm blown away by the value of this technology for the technical design trades.

Amazingly easy and great quality

About 30 minutes after starting to open the box of the printer, I had already printed my first
keychain. The Auto-level and nozzle height detection features make it extremely easy to get
consistent, high quality prints. The auto-level is a must, although manually levelling the
platform is a good habit to get in once you are comfortable with everything.

A whole lot of fun

This gadget is wonderful! It's capable of delivering really nice quality and every night when I
get back from work I start another print job and sit there with a smile on my face watching it
'create' stuff in front of me. I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger on this and I
particularly liked purchasing it from a recognised UK supplier, that I could go back to
should I have any issues. Thoroughly recommended!

Highly recommended

I have the version 1, and if the version 2 is as good, or better, then it comes highly recommended. If you do design/engineering or are creative in any way, it will completely change the way you look at manufacturing!